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Horse Treatment

Welcome to EquinePhysioNZ

We are passionate about both horse and rider health

and well-being.


Here at Equinephysionz our mission is to provide a quality veterinary physiotherapy service to assist the best functional outcome and recovery of your horse whereby maximising performance and well-being.

We strive to help with the treatment and recovery of your horse.

Our services include treatment of:


·  Soft tissue injuries

·  Joint sprains

·  Sports Injuries

·  Back pain

·  Muscle dysfunction

·  Spinal Injuries

·  Neurological conditions

·  Stiffness

·  Aging issues
·  Myofascial dysfunction

·  Weakness and asymmetries

·  Decreased performance

·  General well-being checks

·  Functional problems e.g. difficulty striking into

   canter on one lead

·  RiderRehab: rider assessment off and on the horse.

Please feel free to phone, text or email us if you have any questions!


Our property has an arena, part of it under cover for all weather treatment, as well as covered stalls.  This is great for multiple horse treatments at once, and also horse/rider combination treatment where I can watch you and your horse ride together. 

Kath Long - EquinePhysioNZ
Auckland Horse Care

Who Is EquinePhysioNZ?

Kath Long qualified as a NZ registered physiotherapist in 1984, working predominantly in private practice in the musculoskeletal field. In 1991 she completed her Advanced Diploma in Physiotherapy, and joined the Register for Physiotherapy Acupuncturists in 1993. In 2008 she completed her Diploma in Equine Acupuncture and has been treating horses for musculoskeletal issues, pain, poor performance and/or general well-being since.


Kath completed her Masters' Degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy through the University of Liverpool. Her research project studied the effect of a manual therapy technique (traction) on pain levels in the horse.

Her 30 plus years as a human physiotherapist has given her skills in communication and an understanding of the importance in client/owner education. It is important to understand what the functional problem is, why the treatment has been selected, what we are aiming to achieve and for the owner to see measurable change. 


Kath’s client base includes horses from all disciplines; from ‘happy hackers’ to more competitive based clients. She is also the director of RiderRehab where she assesses riders both on the ground and while riding. Video footage allows the rider to see the impact of their riding on their horse and their horses response. Physiotherapy and RiderRehab services are provided either from Kath’s purpose built facility and covered arena on Fordyce Road, South Head or she can travel to your property or chosen facility by arrangement.

EquinePhysioNZ Auckland
EquinePhysioNZ Auckland Horse Care
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