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Horse Treatment Equine Physio NZ

Following treatment a personalised rehabilitation plan is emailed to you. This records the assessment findings, treatment given and the home exercise programme for you to continue with. 


Rehabilitation is essential to maximise outcomes following injury/strain/aging and prevent or minimise the likelihood of further injury or symptom recurrence. 

During the assessment process, functional asymmetries are identified to assist with monitoring progress (e.g. unable to canter on the right lead). These become our goals so you can measure the progress being made.


Exercises and stretches are a necessary part of rehabilitation. Exercises to continue with rehabilitation at home may include:

·  Proprioception (spatial awareness)

·  Baited stretches

·  Reflex activation

·  Isometric co-contraction exercises

·  Balance

·  Fitness training

·  Graduated strengthening


Ideally, physiotherapy is conducted in conjunction with vets and other affiliated health providers to optimise outcomes.

Horse Treatment Equine Physio NZ
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